Carbon Fiber Bike Repair

Our carbon x-ray inspections and repair services have been used by professionals, Olympians, World and National Champions since 2005. We started with carbon bike repair and have since expanded our services to include large format 3D printing, automotive repair services repairing carbon wheels for Ford, Dymag, and Blackstone, body components for Porsche, Audi and Subaru, developed the build and repair process’s for the first continuous carbon 3D printed bike with our technology partners.

With over 40,000 carbon repairs and x-rays imaged we inspected and repaired more than all of our competitors combined. Because our primary focus is on carbon bike repair and inspection we have been able to develop our own proprietary inspection and repair methods thus enabling us to give you the gold standard in inspection and carbon bike repair technology that our customers deserve.

And the best reason to use us? With our x-ray service’s, cutting edge carbon technology, forward thinking, we have the ability to detect the unseen damage that can potentially cause catastrophic failure and the mechanical ability to think through any tackle any problem.